Know the Types of Camera Lens Filters and Their Functions for Amazing Photos!

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Creativity and technology combine to create stunning images. One of the important elements in photography is type of camera lens filter. Lens filters are a small but powerful tool that can change the way you take photos and reveal your creativity. In this article, we'll explore the different types of camera lens filters, providing in-depth insight, as well as tips and tricks for using them effectively.

Photography is an art that combines composition, light, and subject to create impressive works of visual art. One very important tool in a photographer's toolbox is a camera lens filter. These filters are not just accessories, but also the key to producing more dramatic, bright or creative images. Let's start by understanding the types of camera lens filters and how they can improve the quality of your photos.


24 Types of Camera Lens Filters


1. UV Filters

Types of UV Filters

UV, or Ultraviolet, filters are one of the most basic types of camera lens filters. This filter functions to protect your camera lens from ultraviolet rays which can damage your images. While they may not have a visible effect on your photos, UV filters are a wise protective investment for your precious lenses.

2. CPL (Circular Polarizer) Filter

CPL Filter Type

CPL filters help reduce shine and reflections caused by light bouncing off non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass. This type of camera lens filter can also increase color saturation, making the sky look bluer and the water clearer in your landscape photos.

3. ND (Neutral Density) Filters

ND Filter Type

ND filters are a very useful tool for controlling the amount of light that enters your camera lens. By using an ND filter, you can achieve a dramatic slow shutter effect, ideal for capturing gently flowing waterfalls or illuminated night traffic.

4. Graduated ND filters

Types of UV Filters

Graduated ND filters have a gradual change in density from the top to the bottom. It is used to balance exposure differences between sky and landscape in outdoor photos. This way, you can take more balanced and immersive landscape photos.

5. Infrared Filter

Infrared Filter Type

Infrared Filters allow certain infrared light to enter your camera lens. The result is a photo that has a surreal look, often with distorted colors and very creative effects.

6. Special Effects Filters

Special Effects Filter Types

Apart from the basic filter types above, there are also types of camera lens filters that are specifically designed to create creative effects. Examples include the starburst filter to create stars of light in your photos or the bokeh filter to produce a blurred background with a specific shape.

7. Warming and Cooling Filters

Warming and Cooling Filter Types

The Warming filter gives your photo a yellow or red color effect, while the Cooling filter gives a blue color effect. This is a useful option for creating a certain atmosphere or feel in your photos.

8. Color Gradation Effect Filter

Type of color gradation filter

This filter allows you to create unique color gradations in your photos. They are often used in portrait photography or to create an artistic feel in landscape photos.

9. Macro Filters

Macro Filter Type

If you are a macro photography lover, this lens filter will come in very handy. They allow you to get closer focus on your macro subjects, creating incredible detail in images.

10. Close-Up Filter

Clouse-up Filter Type

Close-up filters allow you to take close-up photos with lenses that may not have macro capabilities. They allow you to get closer to your subject.

11. Sepia Filter

Sepia Filter Type

The sepia filter gives your photos a classic look with a warm dark brown color. This is a popular choice for creating a vintage feel in photos.

12. Soft-Focus Filter

Soft Focus Filter Type

This filter gives a soft effect to your photos by reducing the sharpness of the image. This is a good choice for portrait photography looking to create a more subtle look.

13. Star Filters

Star Filter Type

This filter creates the effect of shining stars around a bright light source in your photo. This is a beautiful way to add a magical sparkle to your evening images.

14. Multi-Coated Filters

Multi-Coated Filter Type

Multi-coated filters have an anti-reflection coating that helps reduce light reflections and ghosting. They produce sharper and clearer images.

15. IR-CUT filter

IR-Cut Filter Type

This filter is used to remove unwanted infrared light in your photos. This is a useful option for visible light based photography.

16. Anamorphic Filters

Anamorphic Filter Type

This filter is used to create the anamorphic lens effect popular in cinematography. They provide a wide and dramatic image appearance.

17. Split Diopter Filter

Split Diopter Filter Type

These filters allow you to have different focuses on different parts of your photo. This is a creative choice to direct attention to a different subject.

18. Black and White Special Filter

Special Black and White Filter Type

If you want to create classic black-and-white photos, monochrome filters are the perfect choice. They convert color images to black-and-white with dramatic contrast.

19. Motion Effect Filter

Motion Effect Filter Type

This filter creates a dramatic effect of movement in your photos. They are useful for taking dynamic images such as sports or fast moving vehicles.

20. Graduated Soft-Edge Filter

Soft Edge Filter Type

This filter has a smooth transition from one side to the other, helping to achieve better exposure balance in landscape photos with uneven horizontal lines.

21. Graduated Hard-Edge Filter

Hard Edge Filter Type

Just like the previous filter, this type of camera lens filter has sharp exposure transitions and is suitable for landscapes with clear horizontal lines.

22. Variable ND Filter

Variable ND Filter Type

Variable ND filters allow you to adjust the filter density according to your needs. This provides incredible flexibility in controlling light in changing situations.

23. White Balance Filters

White Balance Filter Type

This filter is used to correct color differences caused by differences in the color temperature of light. They help achieve accurate colors in a variety of lighting conditions.


Tips and Tricks for Using Camera Lens Filter Types

Now that you are familiar with the different types of camera lens filters, it's time to understand how to use them effectively. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you:

1. Know Your Goals

Before choosing a filter, consider what you want to achieve with your photo. Do you want to reduce light reflections, create a dramatic effect, or change colors? Understanding your goals will help you choose the right filter.

2. Use a Tripod

Some filters, such as ND filters for slow shutter, require longer exposures. Use a tripod to keep the camera stable and avoid blurry images.

3. Understand Your Camera Settings

Each filter type may require different camera settings. Learn how to change ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to match your filter use.

4. Look at the Rectangle

Match your filters properly to avoid unwanted vignetting effects in the corners of your photos.

5. Experiment with Creativity

Lens filters are a tool of artistic expression. Don't be afraid to try different filters and take different photos. Experimentation is the key to finding your own photography style.

6. Don't Use Too Much

Too many filters in one photo can produce an effect that is too complicated or overwhelming. Choose filters wisely according to your vision.



This type of camera lens filter is a powerful tool for enhancing your photography skills. From basic filters like UV to creative filters like starburst, each type has a unique role to play in creating stunning images. It is important to understand the use of each filter and experiment with creativity.
With a good understanding of camera lens filter types, you will be able to take more interesting and impressive photos. That's all for this article about types of camera lens filters. Hopefully you can get the most out of your lens filter and produce amazing images. Keep practicing and experimenting to improve your photography skills.

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