Get to know what Microstock and Macrostock are for selling digital assets

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Want to know more about what microstock and macrostock are for selling digital assets? In this article, we cover the complete guide, differences, advantages, and frequently asked questions around this topic.
In today's digital era, many creative and professional individuals are interested in selling their digital assets. Getting to know how to use microstock and macrostock platforms to sell digital assets can help you maximize the potential income from your works.

This article will review in depth the differences between microstock and macrostock, the benefits of both, and tips for making good use of them.

Understanding what microstock and macrostock are


What is Microstock?

One of the Microstock Sites (What is Microstock and Macrostock)
One of the Microstock Sites (Shutterstock)

Microstock is a term that refers to an online platform where creators, such as photographers, designers and artists, can sell and buy digital assets such as photos, videos, illustrations and music at affordable prices. The microstock concept involves creating and selling digital assets in large quantities at lower prices compared to traditional platforms.

The term "micro" in microstock refers to prices that are more affordable and more open to various groups of creators. Microstock platforms provide a place for individuals to upload and monetize their creative works, and this creates opportunities for many creators to gain recognition and income from their digital assets.

The main advantage of microstock is the broad access it provides to creators. This platform connects their work with potential clients around the world. This allows photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and other creators to sell their work to a variety of markets and industries.

When uploading assets to microstock platforms such as shutterstock, creators often need to provide relevant descriptions and keywords so that their assets are easily found by potential clients. With so much work available on the platform, it's important for creators to ensure that their assets stand out and are of good quality.

Overall, microstocks provide an opportunity for creators to earn income from their creative work without having to have a large customer base or extensive market experience. The platform facilitates interaction between creators and clients in an efficient and affordable manner, paving the way for income and recognition for many talented individuals around the world.

What is Macrostock?

One of the Macrostock Sites (What is Microstock and Macrostock)
One of the Macrostock Sites (Getty Images)

Macrostock is a term that refers to an online platform that provides a space for selling and buying high-quality digital assets, such as photos, videos, illustrations and other works of art. In contrast to microstock which emphasizes sales volume at affordable prices, the concept behind macrostock is to sell digital assets with a higher value and more exclusive copyright.

Macrostock platforms tend to be more selective in choosing works uploaded to their collections. They look for works that are high quality, unique and have high aesthetic value. Therefore, creators who want to sell on this platform need to undergo a stricter selection process. However, the opportunity for better recognition and compensation is also greater in a macrostock environment.

One of the main advantages of the macrostock platform is that the works sold here are often priced higher than on microstock. In addition, creators also have greater control over copyright and use of their work. This allows them to sell more exclusive licenses to clients and limit the use of their assets in certain scenarios.

Although higher selling prices and more exclusive copyrights are great advantages of macrostock platforms, this market may be more limited compared to microstocks. However, this can also be an advantage, as unique, high-quality pieces tend to stand out in this more exclusive environment.

In macrostock platforms such as getty images for example, creators also often have the opportunity to sell their work in various formats, such as prints and merchandise. This expands the income potential and marketing scope for creators.

Overall, the macrostock platform is a good choice for creators who want to sell exclusive, high-quality works and get better compensation for their creative efforts. With quality as the main focus, this platform allows creators to sell digital assets with higher artistic value.

Key Differences Between Microstock and Macrostock

After knowing what microstocks and macrostocks are, they are two different types of platforms when it comes to selling digital assets. The following are some of the main differences between the two:

Asset Prices and Values

Microstock: Digital assets on microstock platforms are generally sold at more affordable prices. These lower prices support higher sales volumes.

Macrostock: On the macrostock platform, digital assets have a higher value. The higher selling price reflects the quality and exclusivity of the work.

Platform Selectivity

Microstock: Microstock tends to be more open to various groups of creators. The selection process tends to be lighter, allowing more creators to participate.

Macrostock: The macrostock platform is more selective in accepting works. They look for works that have high aesthetic value and meet certain standards.

Sales Volume and Revenue

Microstock: Although prices per asset tend to be lower, high sales volumes can generate stable income for creators.

Macrostock: Since the price per asset is higher, sales may be less. However, income per sale tends to be greater.

Copyright and Use of Assets

Microstock: Assets on microstock platforms usually have broader commercial rights. This allows clients to use assets in a variety of contexts.

Macrostock: Copyrights on assets on macrostock platforms are often more limited. Clients may purchase more exclusive licenses.

Type of Work and Theme

Microstock: Microstock platforms are suitable for a variety of asset types, including photos, videos, illustrations, and music. Assets with general and business themes often sell well here.

Macrostock: This platform is better suited to artwork, high-quality photography, and more unique or distinctive works.

Compensation for Quality

Microstock: Despite lower prices, quality assets still attract attention and can generate good sales.

Macrostock: Quality is the main focus on this platform. High-quality assets have a better chance of earning greater compensation.
By understanding the differences between microstocks and macrostocks, creators can choose the platform that best suits their type of work and financial goals. Microstock offers higher sales volumes, while macrostock emphasizes aesthetic value and exclusivity. Each platform has its own benefits and challenges, and the choice depends on the creator's vision and goals.

Advantages of Using Microstock and Macrostock

Using the microstock and macrostock platforms to sell digital assets has its own advantages for creators. The following are some of the benefits you can get from these two types of platforms:

Advantages of Using Microstock:


Wide Access: Microstock platforms have a wide global reach. This allows creators to sell their work to clients from various parts of the world without geographical restrictions.

Consistent Income: Although prices per asset tend to be lower, high sales volumes can generate stable income from a variety of clients.

Mass Market: Microstock is suitable for works with general or business themes, because it has the potential to reach a wider market.

Increased Visibility: With the right keywords and good descriptions, your assets can be easily found by potential clients on the platform. This can increase the visibility of your work.

Beginners Can Participate: Microstock is a good choice for novice creators who want to start selling their work. The registration process is simpler and the selection criteria are looser.

Advantages of Using Macrostock:


Higher Prices: On the macrostock platform, the selling price of your assets tends to be higher. This means you can get better compensation for your creative efforts.

Artistic Value Emphasized: This platform attaches importance to the artistic value and quality of the work. If you have unique, high-quality work, these platforms can give you greater recognition.

Greater Control over Copyright: In the macrostock platform, you can sell more exclusive licenses to clients. This gives you more control over the use of your work.

Eligible Compensation: Even though sales may be fewer, greater compensation per sale can earn you a decent income.

More Limited Exposure: Because this platform is more selective in accepting works, you can compete with high-quality and unique works. This can help your work stand out.
In deciding whether to use a microstock or macrostock platform, consider the type of your work, financial goals, and the level of exclusivity you desire. Both types of platforms provide opportunities for creators to gain recognition and income for their creative works.


Tips for Optimizing Sales on the Microstock and Macrostock Platforms

Optimizing sales on microstock and macrostock platforms requires a good strategy. The following are some tips that can help you achieve success in selling digital assets on both types of platforms:

Tips for Optimizing Sales on the Microstock Platform


Pay Attention to Quality: Quality is the main key in microstock. Make sure your assets have high resolution, good composition, and a professional appearance.

Make Use of Keywords: Use keywords that are relevant and related to your assets. This will help potential clients find your work when they search on the platform.

Portfolio Diversification: Offer a variety of asset types, including photos, illustrations, and videos. Diversifying your portfolio can help you reach a variety of clients with different needs.

Determine Niche: Focus on a specific niche in your portfolio. Offering consistent work within a particular theme can make you more recognizable in a more specific market.

Watch Trends: Stay up-to-date with visual trends and market demands. Production of work that is in line with trends can increase sales opportunities.

Interaction with Community: Many microstock platforms have communities or forums where creators interact. Joining discussions and sharing tips with fellow creators can provide valuable insight.

Tips for Optimizing Sales on the Macrostock Platform:


Vote for the Best Work: Select the best and most unique works to upload to the macrostock platform. Quality is the main factor that will attract clients' attention.

Create a Story: Create works with narrative or deep meaning. Work with story elements or a strong message tends to attract clients' interest.

Pay Attention to Details and Quality: Every visual detail matters in this platform. Make sure your assets are of high quality and pay attention to aesthetic details.

Exclusive Message: The macrostock platform emphasizes exclusivity. Make sure that your work has high exclusive value and is not too spread across other platforms.

Promote Your Work: Being active on social media and having a personal portfolio can help promote your work. It can also attract the attention of clients looking for creators with high artistic value.

In both types of platforms, patience and consistency are key. Optimizing sales takes time and effort, but with the right strategy in place, you can achieve satisfying results. Remember to continually update your portfolio, follow market trends, and engage in the creator community to gain valuable insights.



So, knowing what Microstock and Macrostock are for Selling Digital Assets is an important step in understanding how to exploit the full potential of your digital work.

Microstocks offer broad access and consistent income, while macrostocks highlight the value and exclusivity of the work.

By understanding the differences, you can choose a platform that suits your goals and the quality of your work, optimizing your earning potential.

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